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My Experience

Automation Engineer
  • • Visual Basic, Javascript, Python scripting.
  • • Design, develop, and test automation workflows.
  • • Delivering through AWS
  • • Deploy RPA components including bots, robots, development tools, code repositories and logging tools.
  • • Support the launch and implementation of RPA solutions.
  • • Create process and end-user documentation.
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Software Developer I (Backend)
  • • Part of the core team resolving legacy issues on a Microservice architecture built mostly in Scala.
  • • Working with Scala, MySQL & Docker (Akka actors framework).
  • • Delivering through a CI/CD approach on AWS
  • • Working on the Core team within Moneyfarms whose responsibilities include creating new services, troubleshooting issues and building new services.
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About Me

I'm a proactive and self-motivated recent Backend Junior Developer. Who has several years' of previous work experience across several industries, working with blue-chip companies such as PwC and Tesla Motors. Delivering certified people management skills developed through Team Leader roles alongside outstanding customer capabilities. I have proven ability to work with full autonomy or in team settings, alongside providing motivation and support to team members.

Strong communication and stakeholder management skills with an outgoing and approachable personality. Now looking for a new and exciting opportunity that offers career progression in web development while utilising acquired expertise.

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I created four project over the course of my SEI course using a range of frameworks and technologies. Please find my project below:

PyTorch Feed Forward Network

Using PyTorch and MNIST dataset, I worked to train my first Neural Network. It can recognise images of handwritten numbers 0-9 to 96.7% accuracy.

Image Anayser

Image Analyser was full stack Django react app based on utilising Googles Cloud Vision API. It was able to parse and store that data to allow the user to download a CSV from the Index page.

React Hackathon

A React application that consumes a public API was produced while pair coding with the partner over two days. We ended up using two public APIs, one was, and the other was Eventbrite. The concept of our application was to be an aggregator of jobs and job-related networking events.

Food Fidelity

This webapp is designed to be a user driven database of food available at markets near the user and beyond. Users are capable of uploading photos and details of what they have eaten at a market (including location), rating them, and also rating other dishes inputted by other users on the database.

Battleships Game

A game designed to mimic the mechanics of the classical two-player game Battleships using vanilla JavaScript. The concept required to be two-player a game against a CPU.